1. Master keeps teasing me.

    He’ll take swipes at my legs when no one’s looking, or if we’re alone he’ll spontaneously grab me and push me down.  A little while ago he pushed me onto the bed, spread my legs and started to go down on me, groping my legs hard as he did, but just as quickly he stopped and went back to his computer.  My cunt was absolutely on fire.

    Last night I had a lot to drink.  I vaguely remember us trying anal (it was something we’d been wanting to try for a while) but I don’t think we finished all the way, and then he tried to fuck my cunt but I was too drunk to guide him.  I hate not being able to please my master (although he wasn’t upset) and I’m looking forward to trying it again.  He also choked me a little, which was pretty hot as far as I can remember, and he did it the right way too.  I hear a lot of guys think choking’s about cutting off the windpipe, but it’s actually more about pressing down on the jugular.  It’s too easy to damage the windpipe if you’re not careful but he was amazing like he is with everything else.

    We also tried spanking, which I like, especially when he surprises me with it.

    God I’m so horny right now just thinking about it.

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